Can I Put An Elongated Seat On A Round Toilet

Have you ever been in a modern bathroom and wondered how it is possible to put an elongated seat on a round toilet? I distinctly remember the first time this conundrum struck me. 

After spending days admiring the sleek design of my newly remodeled powder room, complete with a luxurious round toilet, I was back at square one when trying to find the perfect seat that would seamlessly match its aesthetics. 

Little did I know then that there are many ways you can combine both an elongated seat and a round toilet to get your desired look while still maintaining proper function.

But first, let me explain some basics related to an elongated toilet seat and measuring a toilet seat before diving into whether it’s possible to pair them together successfully or not. 

Do Elongated Toilet Seats Fit All Toilets?

Can I Put An Elongated Seat On A Round Toilet

Are you considering purchasing an elongated toilet seat for your bathroom but wondering if it will fit on your current toilet? It makes sense to be unsure, as proper measurements are essential to finding the perfect size. 

Even if your current toilet is a round model, you may still be able to purchase and install an elongated toilet seat for your bathroom.

Various models come with adjustable mounting holes that allow for installation on different shapes of toilets. 

As long as the general length from front to back is correct according to the manufacturer’s specifications, you can make an elongated design function in a round space.

Thus, whether you have a traditional round or modern oval-shaped model, getting an elongated toilet seat that fits securely is still possible!

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Guide To Measuring The Toilet Seat

Can I Put An Elongated Seat On A Round Toilet

If you’ve ever bought a new toilet seat and been overwhelmed by the choices, you must read this section.

We all know that many options are available when choosing a toilet seat, from standard round or elongated sizes to unique shapes.

Knowing how to measure your existing seat will ensure you purchase the perfect fit for your bathroom.

Here I am sharing my method of measuring the toilet seat, which is convenient and worthy.

Step 1: Measuring Your Current Toilet Seat 

The first step in finding the right size toilet seat is measuring your current one. Begin by measuring from the center of the hinge mounting holes on one side of the seat to the other.

Most likely, these measurements will be either 16 ½” for an elongated toilet or 14 ¼” for a standard round toilet. 

Once you have these measurements, you can decide which shape works best for your bathroom and begin looking at sizes and styles that correspond with those numbers.

It’s important to note that some toilet seats may not use traditional mounting holes but instead feature two plastic posts on each end.

In this case, measure between those posts as they may not be spaced exactly 16 ½” or 14 ¼” apart. 

Step 2: Checking Manufacturer Specifications 

Some manufacturers provide detailed specifications online regarding their product dimensions, so double-check if this information is available.

This can be especially helpful if your current seat has unusual dimensions or features non-standard components such as decorative hinges or unusual shapes like a heart or flower design. 

Additionally, many modern toilets come with integrated bidets, which require special-sized seats and lids, so it pays to double-check before purchasing anything.  

Step 3: Understanding Shape Variations 

When measuring a toilet seat, there are three different shapes: round, oval, and elongated. Round seats are typically preferred in smaller bathrooms.

Because they take up less space than their elongated counterparts, but both offer similar levels of comfort and functionality. 

Oval-shaped seats are becoming more common in modern bathrooms and usually offer more room than a round option without taking up too much space either way.

Understanding these differences will ensure that you purchase the right size and shape for your bathroom setup! 

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Can I Put An Elongated Seat On A Round Toilet

Can I Put An Elongated Seat On A Round Toilet

Can you replace a round toilet with an elongated toilet? Well, the answer to the question is yes, you can!

Believe it or not, there are specially-made seats and toilet lids designed to fit both differently shaped toilets. 

Elongated seats often have an oval shape that allows them to fit around the round base of a round toilet. 

Be sure to measure your existing seat before purchasing any replacements to ensure you get the right size. 

It’s always a great idea to check product reviews and ensure any accessories you buy are made from quality materials that will last for years.

That way, you can enjoy your upgraded bathroom seating with peace of mind.

Which Is Better Round Or Elongated Toilet Seat?

Can I Put An Elongated Seat On A Round Toilet

Consider a few key points when debating the merits of round versus elongated toilet seats.

One factor to consider is size—round toilet seats are typically more compact, which makes them well-suited for smaller bathrooms with limited space. 

On the other hand, elongated toilet seats are longer and provide more coverage, offering some comfort benefits that more prominent people may appreciate.

Additionally, if you’re looking for a particular aesthetic in your bathroom decorating scheme, elongated toilet seats have an edge; they offer more grace and elegance in design choice than their round counterparts. 

Before you choose between these two popular toilet seat shapes, it’s essential to carefully measure your existing toilet bowl dimensions to pick the most suitable shape.

But overall, I must say that Elongated bowls offer maximum hygiene and accessibility, making them the perfect choice for any household.

With their larger surface area, they’re ideal for men and children alike – less mess means more time saved!

And those with mobility issues can benefit from these extra-long designs, an ADA requirement that simplifies basic tasks.

Does The Shape Of A Toilet Seat Matter?

The shape of your toilet seat may seem trivial, but it plays a surprisingly significant role in the bathroom experience. 

An ill-fitted toilet seat can result in an uncomfortable or unhygienic experience, while a well-chosen seat can contribute to daily hygiene and enjoyable habits. 

Often, people save money by purchasing an inadequate toilet seat, but this often costs them more in the long run! It’s better to buy one in the right size and shape for you and your family for optimal use. 

A good toilet seat should also be durable and easy to clean, so make sure you consider these considerations when shopping for the perfect seat!

Why Do People Prefer Elongated Toilets?

Can I Put An Elongated Seat On A Round Toilet

After a long day at work, there’s nothing more satisfying than coming home to a comfortable bathroom.

To make this space even more enjoyable, I discovered that many people are now opting for elongated toilets.

So why exactly are these toilets becoming so popular? Let’s take a look. 

Comfort and Design 

People prefer elongated toilets because they provide an extra level of comfort that traditional round-style toilets don’t offer.

In addition, these toilets have a larger seating area than their counterparts, which allows users to sit comfortably while doing their business. 

Additionally, the design of these toilets makes them look sleeker and more modern than traditional models, making them the perfect choice for anyone looking to spruce up their bathroom décor. 

Convenience and Ease of Use 

Another advantage of using an elongated toilet is convenience and ease of use.

Since they have longer bowls than round ones, they can easily accommodate larger waste loads.

This means fewer clogs and less hassle when flushing waste down the drain. 

Plus, since they are usually taller than other styles, users don’t have to worry about squatting or bending down to reach the seat.

This makes them ideal for those with mobility issues or a limited range of motion in the hips or legs. 

Space Savings 

Elongated toilets are designed with a giant bowl than their round counterparts, making them more comfortable to use.

However, despite having a larger bowl size, they take up less space than round toilets. 

This is because they feature an “elongated” design that allows them to fit into smaller bathrooms without taking up too much room.

This makes them ideal for homeowners who want to maximize the space in their bathroom without sacrificing comfort.  


Elongated toilets also offer more functionality than round toilets do.

For example, the extra length of an elongated bowl allows for much greater capacity in terms of flushing power and water usage per flush.

Which means fewer clogs and fewer trips to the bathroom cleaning supplies aisle at your local store.

On top of that, many modern toilets come with features like bidets designed specifically for elongated bowls, which won’t work with round models. 

Cost Efficiency 

Though these toilets may cost more upfront due to their design, they can save you money in the long run, thanks to their water efficiency rating (WER).

Elongated toilets typically consume less water per flush than round bowls, resulting in lower monthly water bills. 

This also helps conserve natural resources and protect our environment from further harm—something we should strive towards.

Bottom Line 

So, there you have it. You *can* put an elongated seat on a round toilet, but there are better ideas than this one.

If you’re set on using an elongated seat, measure your bathroom and get the right size before making your purchase.

Otherwise, you might end up with a seat that fits poorly and is uncomfortable to use. Thanks for reading!


Why is an elongated toilet seat better?

An elongated toilet seat is better for comfort and hygiene because it provides more seating area and covers more of the bowl.

What are the disadvantages to elongated toilets?

The disadvantages of elongated toilets are that they may take up more space, cost more, and may not fit in smaller bathrooms.

Which shape of toilet seat is the most comfortable?

Many people find elongated toilet seats to be the most comfortable because they provide more seating area and legroom.

How do I know if I need an elongated toilet seat?

You may need an elongated toilet seat if your toilet bowl measurement from the center of the seat bolt holes to the front rim is over 18″.

How far out does an elongated toilet go?

An elongated toilet typically extends about 30-32 inches from the wall, but the exact distance can vary depending on the model.

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