Can I Use The Toilet During A Thunderstorm

The last time I was stuck in a thunderstorm, it almost felt like the world had ended. It started peaceful enough – the sky was gray and stirring, as though nature was warning us of what was coming. 

Suddenly, without warning, lightning lit up the skies, and thunder roared through every crevice of my home. As I braced for impact, one thought crossed my mind: can I even use the toilet during a thunderstorm?

And to find the answer to my question, I did a dozen research and came up with this article that will help people like me who have the same question.

So let’s figure out what I come to know after my days of research. 

What Should You Never Do During A Thunderstorm?

Can I Use The Toilet During A Thunderstorm

Thunderstorms can be incredibly dangerous if you are not careful. Therefore, it is essential to know what you should and shouldn’t do to stay safe during a thunderstorm. So that you and your family can remain safe and sound.

To help with this, let’s take a look at some of the things that you should never do during a thunderstorm. 

Never Seek Shelter Under A Tree 

This is one of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to thunderstorms. Trees provide an excellent source of shelter for many animals and humans alike, but they are also lightning magnets.

The tall stature of trees makes them more likely to be struck by lightning. So it is always best to avoid seeking shelter underneath them during a thunderstorm.

Instead, seek shelter indoors or in a car with the windows rolled up. 

Never Stand In Open Areas 

Another mistake people often need to correct in thunderstorms is standing in open areas such as fields or playgrounds.

These open areas are prime targets for lightning strikes due to their lack of covering and height off the ground.

As such, staying away from them during a storm is best until the danger has passed.

If you must be outside during a storm, try to find a covered area – like an overhang – that will protect you from any potential rain or lightning strikes. 

Never Touch Electrical Appliances During A Storm 

Electricity and water do not mix well, so you should avoid touching any electrical appliances during a thunderstorm at all costs.

This includes anything from laptops and phones to hairdryers and microwaves; even unplugging these appliances can harm you since electricity can travel through electrical cords even when unplugged.

So make sure to keep yourself (and your electronics) far away from any outlets or wires when there is lightning around!  

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Can I Use The Toilet During A Thunderstorm?

While it may seem minor and inconsequential, using the toilet during a thunderstorm can be highly hazardous. 

Contrary to popular belief, an indoor bathroom is not a haven from the lightning outside – electricity has been known to travel through plumbing and enter the room where you are. That said, it’s best to wait for the storm to pass before answering nature’s call – don’t take your chances with Mother Nature.

In any instance, if there is no choice but to use the toilet during a thunderstorm, ensure all electronics are disconnected – they could provide an excellent conductor of electricity if hit by a lightning strike.

However, it never hurts to err on the side of caution and stay in another area until all threats of storms have passed!

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Can Lightning Break A Toilet?

Can I Use The Toilet During A Thunderstorm

As shocking as it may seem, there is a valid answer to whether lightning can break a toilet.

During powerful thunderstorms, lightning can travel through electrical wires and enter a home’s plumbing system.

If that happens, the highly concentrated voltage in the lightning could cause fixtures such as toilets to crack and even explode into pieces. 

The damage depends mainly on the intensity of the lightning, with higher voltages having a greater chance of breaking sections of plumbing and other ceramic items inside the house.

Though this is an unlikely occurrence, it pays to be cautious during powerful storms – which means unplugging electronics and staying away from faucets and showers until the storm passes.

What Is The 30-30 Rule For Lightning?

I am a bit sure that you may hear about the 30-30 rule for lightning.

But, for those who don’t know about it, let me tell you that the 30/30 rule for lightning is a popular outdoor safety tip that helps you determine when to seek shelter from an approaching thunderstorm. 

The primary concept behind the rule is that when the time gap between the flash of a lightning strike and its accompanying thunder shortens to 30 seconds or less, it’s time to head indoors

This indicates that the storm is relatively close, and anyone outdoors should seek shelter.

An excellent way to remember this rule is to count off “one-thousand one” after you see a lightning flash, and if you reach “one-thousand thirty” before thunder sounds.

Then go inside until at least thirty minutes have passed since the last nearby lightning bolt.

What’s The Safest Thing To Do In A Thunderstorm?

Now move on to the safest thing to do in a thunderstorm. When a thunderstorm is approaching, safety should be the primary concern. 

The safest thing to do is to seek shelter indoors in an enclosed or partially enclosed structure, and stay away from windows and doors.

It’s also wise to avoid contact with any electrical equipment or wiring, as water can increase the risk of electrocution. 

Unplug electronics and turn off any unnecessary lights, as lightning has been known to cause power surges that can damage expensive appliances and electronics.

In addition, staying away from open spaces such as fields, open ground, golf courses, lakes, beach areas, and pools is prudent. 

People should also stash complex objects such as golf clubs or umbrellas out of sight as such items may draw a lightning strike if left out in the open during a storm.

Respecting Mother Nature’s power will help keep everyone safe during a thunderstorm!

Bottom Line

In the end, I must say that toilet use during thunderstorms should be avoided, as the plumbing can act as a lightning conductor and lead to electrocution.

If you must use the toilet, flush only once, and do not sit on the seat for too long. 

Unplugging any electrical appliances in the bathroom is also advisable before using the facilities. Did this article answer your questions about whether it is safe to use the toilet during a thunderstorm?

Are there other tips that could help keep people safe during severe weather conditions? Let me know in the comments below!


Should I unplug my phone during a thunderstorm?

Before an electrical storm strikes, safeguard your electronics by unplugging your computer, laptop, and other devices.

Is it safe to use WiFi during a thunderstorm?

You are free to use wireless devices like cell phones and cordless phones indoors without being tethered to a wall outlet.

How do you know if lightning hits your house?

If you experience a power outage or smell melting plastic or smoke, you may have been struck by lightning. Other signs could include the presence of a fire or sparks.

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