Do Koreans Use Toilet Paper or Water?

Do Koreans use toilet paper or water? This question has puzzled many people who have visited Korea or are planning to visit in the near future.

Though it may seem like a strange topic, you should be aware of it before making your travel arrangements. 

This blog post will take a closer look at the Korean bathroom culture and provide tips on how to best prepare for your trip. Stay tuned!

So do Korean use toilet paper or water? Most Koreans use toilet paper, some prefer to use water. This is because water is thought to more effectively cleanse the anal area. 

In addition, many Koreans believe that using toilet paper can lead to hemorrhoids. As a result, some Koreans will keep a bidet or sprayer in their bathroom to clean themselves with water after using the toilet. 

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong way to clean oneself after using the toilet. It is simply a matter of personal preference.

Do Koreans Use Water To Clean Themselves?

Do korean use toilet paper or water

I actually asked this question to a Korean friend of mine, and she said that many Koreans use water in their toilets. She said that it’s more hygienic and makes the bathroom smell better. Some Koreans even use water to flush their toilet.

In Korea, bathrooms are usually tiny and are often shared by multiple families. Because of this, bathrooms in Korea usually have a small sink with running water.

Koreans will use this sink to wash their hands and clean up after using the toilet. The water from these sinks is also sometimes used to flush toilets!

Koreans are also huge fans of bidets. Bidets are essentially just a bowl or bucket that sits under your toilet seat.

But they are popular in Korea because they allow you to clean yourself more thoroughly than just using toilet paper alone.

I personally think this is more hygienic than using toilet paper because toilet paper doesn’t clean your butt all that well.

But I must say It depends on who you ask. Some Koreans say that they use water to clean themselves after using the toilet, while others don’t.

Some people even say they don’t use water at all. So it’s a matter of personal preference.

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Do Koreans Use Toilet Paper Or Bidets?

Do korean use toilet paper or water

Koreans use toilet paper, but they also use bidets.

The bidet is a basin that attaches to the back of the toilet. The water in the bidet can be heated or cooled, and it comes out of a nozzle aimed at your bottom. It’s like having an extra friend there to ensure you’re clean!

In Korea, most people use toilet paper on their bottoms and then use a bidet to wash off their hands after finishing their business.

However, some people use a bidet to wash off their hands, mainly if they have just used hand sanitizer or lotion before using the bathroom.

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Do South Koreans Use Bidet?

South Koreans do use bidets. The bidet is a staple of many bathrooms in South Korea—on both coasts.

South Korea is a country with a rich history and modern culture. It’s also known for its high-tech advances. But did you know South Koreans are among the most significant users of bidets?

There are more than 1 million bidet toilets in South Korea—and it’s not just limited to luxury hotels or public toilets. A lot of ordinary homes in South Korea also have them.

Bidet toilets are popular because they’re less expensive than traditional toilets and can be installed easily by people who aren’t too handy around the house. Plus, they’re great for cleaning up after using the bathroom.

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Korean Hygiene Habits

In Korea, cleanliness is a big deal. The people there are known to be obsessed with hygiene and take care of their hygiene habits like no one else.

Here are some of the Korean hygiene habits that you might not know about:

  • The first thing Koreans do when they get up in the morning is wash their faces with cold water. This helps their skin stay hydrated throughout the day and makes them look fresh and energized.
  • Koreans also use hot water to wash their dishes, which helps kill germs and bacteria before they put them in the dishwasher or sink to dry off.
  • Koreans always use hand sanitizer when they go out into public spaces such as restaurants, parks, etc., because they want to ensure that no germs touch anything they eat or drink while having fun with friends or family members!
  • Koreans also take showers at night before bed because they believe this helps them sleep better than if they take showers in the morning before work/school.

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This guide helps you figure out if Koreans use toilet paper or water. Well, many people like to use water after finishing their business and prefer to use toilet paper. So it all depends on their choice.


Which country use toilet paper?

Toilet paper is commonly used in many countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, Europe, and parts of Asia.

What do people use instead of toilet paper?

In some parts of the world, bidets, water, or a handheld sprayer are used for cleaning after using the toilet instead of toilet paper.

Which is better toilet paper or water?

Both toilet paper and water have their advantages and disadvantages, but water can provide a more thorough and hygienic cleaning.

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