How Do Korean Toilets Work | A Detailed Guide

If you find yourself in South Korea and need to use the bathroom, let my guide help you. Flushing a toilet in Korea is quite different than what you’ll be used to.

The Korean flushing will be more familiar to those living in East Asia and some parts of Europe. Use my guide to learn how toilets work in Korea to use them properly.

Korean toilets are a little different than what you might be used to. Instead of flushing, Korean toilets drain into a sewage system and use a water tank for flushing.

The most common type of toilet in Korea is called a squat toilet. The toilet seat is raised with a footrest beneath it. The toilet will have a hose attached to the bowl to spray water into the bowl after use.

You flush your toilet to drain the water into the sewage system. Once you’re done using the bathroom, you can flush the toilet and clean up any messes you made!

Korean Toilet | An Overview

How Do Korean Toilets Work

The Korean toilet is one of the world’s most advanced and unique toilets. It is a self-cleaning, automatic toilet that is incredibly technologically advanced.

The toilet can be found in public places such as restaurants, hotels, airports, and hospitals. 

Private homes also have this type of toilet in their bathroom.

The toilet uses electricity to clean itself after each use by using a jet of water to rinse any waste left behind.

In addition to being self-cleaning, these toilets also have many other features.

Such as a heated seat, an adjustable water temperature; music; voice control; and even a remote control!

Some may think this sounds like something out of some sci-fi movie, but it does exist!

There are many different types of Korean toilets for sale online today, including

  • Inflatable Travel Toilets
  • Portable Travel Toilet
  • Small Electric Travel Toilet
  • Large Electric Travel Toilet
  • Hand Held Bidet Sprayer
  • Automatic Bidet Sprayer
  • Automatic Bidet Systems.

The main difference between Korean and Western toilets is that Korean toilets have no seat or lid on top (some newer models even lack a bowl).

Instead, when you sit down on the toilet seat, it will automatically flush. And then automatically refill itself with fresh water and detergent after every use.

So it smells nice when someone else uses it later in the day.

Types Of Korean Toilets 

The Korean toilet is a cultural phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. But it’s not just a toilet—it’s an experience.

Korean toilets are designed to provide comfort and luxury for the user, with many different types of options for you to choose from.

Let’s look at some of the most popular types of Korean toilets available today!

The Squat Toilet

How do korean toilets work

One of the most popular types of Korean toilets is the squatting toilet. These toilets are commonly found in Asia and other parts of the world.

But they’re becoming more popular in Western countries like America because they’re so convenient and comfortable! 

The squatting position makes it easier to use than other toilets because it reduces your chances of getting constipated or experiencing hemorrhoids.

It also helps your body stay healthy by reducing pressure on your spine, leading to back pain when standing up after sitting down for long periods (like during long car rides). 

Squatting over a hole doesn’t put any pressure on your knees either. So if you have arthritis or other joint problems, this could be a great option.

The Western Toilet

How do korean toilets work

The Western toilet is the most common type of toilet that you might encounter in Korea.

The most important thing to remember about this type of toilet is that it does not have a wash function.

Therefore, you will need to use your hand sanitizer or soap and water to clean your hands after using this toilet.

This is what you’re used to in America—a bowl with water that flushes when you push a lever or button.

You sit on this toilet to use it, so you’ll need to be careful not to splash yourself or anyone else if you’re in a public restroom.

When cleaning this toilet, use the brush provided at each station to scrub down the seat and bowl after each use.

The Washlet

How do korean toilets work

If you want a more luxurious experience, you should consider using a washlet. This is essentially a toilet with an automatic bidet feature.

Several different kinds are available in Korea, but they all take advantage of water spray technology to help cleanse your bottom after each use.

It’s operated by remote control and heated for maximum comfort. The washlets come in different models:

  • Standard Washlet Model #1: Flushing with warm water; no air drying feature
  • Standard Washlet Model #2: Flushing with warm water; air drying feature (this model has an electric heater)
  • Premium Washlet Model #3: Flushing with warm water; air drying feature plus oscillation (this model has a motorized nozzle that moves back and forth to clean you).

They’re common in high-end hotels and international airports but can also be found in some luxury condo buildings and homes throughout the country.

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How Do Korean Toilets Work

How Do Korean Toilets Work

As I have mentioned above, Korean toilets are slightly different from those you might be used to.

They’re sometimes the most comfortable, but they have some essential features. So let’s take a closer look at how these toilets work.

If you’re visiting Korea, or you’ve just moved there and are looking for your new home’s toilet. It’s essential to know that the toilets in Korea are different than those in other countries. But they’re also not just different—they’re fantastic.

Korean toilets can be either a traditional squat toilet or a modern seated toilet.

For seated toilets, there are often various buttons on a control panel to control features such as bidet functions, water pressure, and temperature. Some toilets also have heated seats, air dryers, and deodorizers.

In traditional squat toilets, there is a shallow basin on the floor with a drain and users squat over it. After use, water is usually used for cleaning, either with a handheld bidet or by pouring water from a nearby basin or bucket.

Korean toilets also often have a remote control attached to them facharbeit kaufen. So you can change settings without getting up off the seat—which can be incredibly convenient for those who have trouble getting up from sitting positions due to arthritis or other conditions.

Korean toilets are designed with comfort and convenience in mind—so what could be better?

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How To Use Korean Toilet

How Do Korean Toilets Work

If you’re one of the many people who have never used a Korean toilet, you are in for an experience ghostwriter masterarbeit kosten! These toilets are vastly different from the Western models we’re accustomed to.

Here’s how to use a Korean toilet:

Step 1: Set the toilet lid down, so it is parallel to the ground and open.

Step 2: Lift the seat cover, which is located on top of the toilet bowl.

Step 3: Do not sit directly on the seat cover; instead, place your feet on either side of it before sitting down hausarbeit schreiben lassen on the actual toilet bowl itself.

Step 4: To flush, use a small lever on either the side or back of your toilet; this lever should be similar to an upside-down U shape facharbeit schreiben lassen. Press this lever downwards to flush your waste away.

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Knowing how to engage the correct flushing mechanism for a toilet is helpful for anyone visiting Korea.

However, the biggest takeaway from this article is that we should always look for the toilet’s nameplate ghostwriter bachelorarbeit and match it against a drawing of the latrine we plan to use.

This will ensure clarity in identifying the different buttons or levers on each toilet and hopefully prevent any need to call a plumber mid-stay in Korea.


What are Korean bathrooms like?

Korean bathrooms often feature a combined shower and toilet area, heated floors, and a handheld showerhead.

Are Korean bathrooms clean?

Yes, Korean bathrooms are generally clean and well-maintained, with many public restrooms featuring advanced cleaning technologies.

Do Koreans still use squat toilets?

While many modern Korean homes and buildings have western-style toilets, squat toilets can still be found in some public places.

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