How To Flush In Western Toilet – A Detailed Guide

How to flush in Western Toilet? How many of you exactly know this? I am a bit sure if you never had to Western countries you never know about it (just like me). 

When I was in London, my friend told me the toilet was different. They use water to flush instead of using the lever. If you have used a western toilet before, you would know it’s very different from a normal Asian flush toilet. 

When I arrived at my hotel room in London and accidentally flushed the toilet without any tissue inside, the water went everywhere (Oh Dam! Such an embarrassing moment).

This is the main reason to write this article, to save you and other people from such embarrassment whenever you go to any Western country to live or travel.  

What Is a Western-Style Toilet?

How To Flush In Western Toilet

A western-style toilet is the kind of toilet you’ll find in most American homes and most of the world. It’s also sometimes called a “flush toilet” because it uses water to clean waste away after you use it.

It’s made up of three components:

  • The bowl, where you sit.
  • The tank holds water.
  • The flushing mechanism pushes water from the tank into the bowl to wash away waste.

You’ll also see a hose coming out of the back of some models, which is used for flushing away solid waste from your toilet paper.

Also, let me tell you that a Western-style toilet is not just one type of toilet—it’s three different types: standard, elongated, and comfortable. The main difference between these three types of toilets is the distance between the seat and the bowl rim.

  • Standard toilets have the shortest distance between the seat and bowl rim. They’re usually used in smaller rooms or spaces where space is at a premium (such as apartments). 
  • Elongated toilets are taller than standard toilets; they have more room for sitting down and standing up, making them easier for people with mobility issues (like older adults). 
  • Comfort height toilets are taller than both standard and elongated models; they have more room for sitting down and standing up. But they also help prevent back strain because they put less pressure on your knees than other models do when you’re using them regularly in your home or business establishment(s).

How Does Western Toilet Flush Work?

The toilet flush in the Western toilet uses water to flush the waste. It is one of the world’s most commonly used types of toilets. It is also called a siphon toilet.

The working principle of this type of toilet is simple; it uses water to flush the waste from the bowl and drain pipes. The water enters from the top and flows down through a tube that passes through the bowl’s bottom. 

One day when I was fixing a western toilet, I just looked closely at these toilets, and I noticed a small hole in front of the rim, which allowed some water to enter the bowl.

When you push down the handle, it opens up this small hole and lets more water flow into the bowl, causing it to fill up with water and start flowing out through holes on the sides away from the wall (those are called overflow holes). This ensures that the bowl never gets filled up entirely while flushing.

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How To Flush In Western Toilet | Step by Step Guide

How To Flush In Western Toilet

Flushing a Western toilet, don’t you think its sounds like something hard or tricky? Well, it is just the opposite of what it sounds like.  

Here’s how to flush in a western toilet the right way; you must follow these two simple steps.

Step 1: Sit on the toilet seat and lift the lid. This gives you enough room to move around and reach all areas needed for flushing.

Step 2: Flush the toilet by pressing on the handle that is attached to the front of it (or pushing on a button if your toilet has buttons instead). This will cause water to run into your toilet bowl from underneath it and wash away whatever waste is inside.

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Tips And Precautions For Using Western Toilet

Toilets are one of the most commonly used public utilities across the world. Western toilets are better than eastern toilets because they provide proper hygiene.

It uses gravity and pressure to remove waste from your body down into a drain, where it is transported away from your building.

But still, there are some precautions you must follow even if you are using a Western toilet.

Always Keep The Toilet Seat Dry

If the toilet seat is wet, it can be slippery and cause an accident. If someone slips and falls, it can cause injuries or damage to the toilet.

To avoid this, always dry the toilet seat before sitting down on it or taking a shower in that bathroom.

Keep The Toilet Lid Close While Flushing

If you don’t keep the lid close while flushing, the bad smell may spread in your bathroom and even outside of it. It would also create an unhygienic situation for you.

The best thing to do is:

  • Keep a lid down in your toilet bowl when not using it so that the water doesn’t splash out when flushed.
  • Never flush sanitary pads or diapers down the toilet; they can clog pipes and cause flooding.

Do Not Throw Any Sanitary Item In The Toilet

Do not throw sanitary napkins or diapers in the toilet bowl; always use the dustbins available.

Sanitary napkins and diapers are not biodegradable and can clog the toilets. It is challenging to clean a clogged toilet with water, so special chemicals are required for cleaning these things. 

These chemicals may also cause diseases if they enter your body through drinking water or by touching your skin directly when you touch your mouth after touching such liquids from a blocked toilet bowl.

Sanitary napkins and diapers have no place in trash bins as they will not be able to decompose quickly, even after being dumped into landfills for years together.

Make sure that no sewers are running under your house; otherwise, it will be difficult for us to unblock them in case anything goes wrong with them at any point in time.

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Always Close The Lid To Avoid Any Bad Smell

At first, you might think it’s silly to write this article because most people are probably aware of it.

But when you’re sitting on the toilet and your mind is elsewhere, things that seem common sense may not be so common anymore.

It’s best to keep your house clean at all times because then there won’t be a need for you to worry about anything else like bad smells or even insects/bugs coming into contact with your waste products and causing an infestation inside your house.


I hope that by reading this article, you can use a western toilet easily, avoid accidents, and save yourself from the embarrassment that may come your way.


Why western toilets have 2 buttons?

The larger lever is designed to flush out a larger amount of water – around 6 to 9 liters – while the smaller lever is meant to use just around 3 liters.

What is the purpose of the lid in a western toilet?

The lid actually serves an important purpose – to keep germs where they belong, in the bowl and down the drain!

Which position is best for western toilet?

Positioning the bathroom in either the north or northwest direction can bring positive energy into your home.

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