How To Flush Italian Toilet – Flush Like A Pro 

As you may know, Italy is one of the most visited places in the world. It’s a country of great history and culture, but it’s also known for its beautiful architecture and excellent food. 

But most people don’t realize that there’s a lot more to Italy than its famous food and art (although we do love those things).

Many people don’t know that one of Italy’s biggest attractions is “Italian toilets.” These toilets are so famous that they’ve even become an attraction.

However, the issue lies in the fact that Italian toilets operate on a slightly distinct mechanism compared to those found in the UK and other nations.

Navigating the flushing process of an Italian toilet can be quite challenging, leading to potential mishaps. However, fret not, as we are here to provide you with comprehensive guidance and assistance in this regard.

To flush a toilet in Italy, Pull down the lid, enable the stop-over hole to be positioned in front of the toilet bowl, and then pull the handle anti-clockwise. Often, the handle is horizontal, rather than vertical, like in the United Kingdom.

That’s how to flush a toilet in Italy. By following this advice, you’ll never leave your toilet unflushed again.

Let’s dig a little bit more, For a much better understanding. 

How Do Italian Toilets Work?

How To Flush Toilet In Italy

The Italian toilet is a style of bathroom that’s popular in Italy, as well as other countries around the world. It’s also a “bidet” or a “washlet” toilet.

A bidet toilet has a unique bowl that sits below the regular toilet bowl, which you can wash after using the bathroom. Bidets are usually found in bathrooms in Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America.

They’re often used by people who want to clean themselves after going to the bathroom (instead of just wiping with toilet paper).

The bidet is connected to water pipes under the floor or the toilet. When you push a button on the control panel near your sink, water will come from the wand attached to your bidet nozzle and spray onto your bottom (or vagina/vulva if you’re female). You can adjust the pressure on this nozzle by turning a dial next to it.

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To ensure a comfortable experience while using an Italian-style toilet for washing purposes, it is important to ensure that your bottom is completely dry before sitting down. This precaution prevents any potential splashing of water from beneath and enhances your overall comfort.

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How To Flush Toilet In Italy – Pro Steps 

How To Flush Toilet In Italy

For most of us, flushing the toilet is a matter of pressing a button. But for the Italians, it’s an art form. Here’s how to do it right:

Step 1: If the toilet is dirty and needs cleaning, flush it once before using it so that the water removes any dirt or stains.

Step 2:

  • Place your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Bend slightly at the knees.
  • Squat over the toilet seat.

Your feet should be flat on the floor. You don’t have to sit down on the toilet seat itself—keep your feet planted firmly on either side of it.

Step 3: Hold onto both sides of the bowl with your hands by placing them flat against them with your palms facing up towards you.

Lift until you stand straight again with your hips raised high off the ground (as if you were trying to touch your toes). This will help ensure no splashbacks occur during flushing.

Step 4: Flush! While still holding onto both sides of the bowl with one hand (keeping them in place), reach over and push down on top of the handle with the other hand until water begins flowing out of the bottom spout (about 10 seconds).

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Tips And Precautions While Flushing Toilet In Italy 

If you are planning to visit Italy and want to use their toilets, follow these tips and precautions. You will be able to enjoy your trip without any problems!

1) For A Lever-Style Flusher, Raise The Handle And Let It Fall Naturally

There usually are two types of toilets in Italy. So if you have a lever-style flusher, raise the handle and let it fall naturally.

Do not pull up on the lever, do not push down on it, and do not push it in either direction (forward or backward).

What if the handle is broken? You can still flush it using our research guide on toilet flush without a handle.

2) If You Have A Push-Button Style Flusher, Push It Down

This seems like a simple step, but your toilet may not flush properly if you don’t do this correctly.

If you press the button too hard, there’s a chance that the water will be released before enough air has been sucked in to create suction and pull everything down into the sewer system.

If you press it too soft, then not enough water will come out, which can cause clogs or other problems with your piping system.

If you’re using an automatic sensor-style flusher that doesn’t require any buttons to be pressed (this is common in Italian washrooms).

Make sure that your hand is far away from any sensors as they detect movement inside of them and can trigger an unwanted flush while someone is still using the bathroom!

To help you in such cases we have made a detailed guide on “How To Make Sensor Toilet Flush” as well. 

3) Be Gentle With The Toilet Paper

Be gentle with the toilet paper. The sewage system in Italy is old and not used to handle landfill paper waste.

If you flush it down through the toilet bowl, use just a little bit of toilet paper at a time, as too much can clog up your pipes.

Can You Flush Toilet Paper In Italy?

Yes, you can flush toilet paper in Italy. It’s not illegal to dispose of toilet paper by flushing it down the toilet, but it’s also not recommended.

Italy is one of the few European countries that still has a water-based sewer system, which means that the water used for flushing does not go directly into the ocean.

This makes it possible to flush your toilet paper in Italy without worrying about clogging up your septic tank or affecting marine life.

Be Very Gentle With Italian Toilets

While most toilets in the United States are designed to handle paper waste, Italian toilets are not.

The plumbing systems in Italian homes were built centuries ago and were not designed to handle modern landfill paper waste—and they’re getting clogged. 

You can help by using the toilet paper in the little basket next to your toilet rather than flushing it down through the toilet bowl.

If you must use a public restroom while traveling abroad, be kinder than I was: don’t put any soiled toilet paper into those toilets—use that little basket next to them instead.

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In conclusion, if you start living in Italy or going on a trip, it is essential to know how to flush a toilet in Italy. Otherwise, you may end up with a lot of problems. Make sure to read the instructions carefully and follow them strictly.

I hope this has been helpful — if you have any questions about this article or Italy, please leave a comment below, and we’d be happy to help.


Do you put toilet paper in the toilet in Italy?

In most parts of the country, it’s perfectly fine to toss your used toilet paper into the toilet.
However, there are some exceptions. In older buildings or rural areas with outdated plumbing systems, the pipes may not be able to handle Toilet paper.

Do I need to bring toilet paper to Italy?

You should definitely bring some. You’ll often find that public restrooms in Italy are not as well-equipped as those in other countries.

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