Is Eljer a Good Toilet | Everything You Need To Know

Have you ever walked into a bathroom, opened the door, and had your breath taken away by what was seemingly an ordinary porcelain bowl?

Well, that was my experience when I stepped into the John M. Browning Home (one of my friends) to find a beautiful Eljer toilet sitting gracefully in the center of the room. 

The toilet looked so regal that it seemed almost out of place in such an ordinary home.

But, after studying this majestic marvel for some time, I wanted to know: is Eljer as good as it looks?

So, let’s explore whether Eljer is one of the best toilets on today’s market.

An Eljer Toilet | An Overview

Is Eljer a Good Toilet

Eljer toilets have been made for the past 140 years and are renowned for their quality and reliability. They are constructed from porcelain materials, incredibly durable, and come in many styles. 

Eljer toilets are designed with comfort in mind, featuring stylish curved seats with four-bolt secure installation systems.

Moreover, they come in several different flushing capacities – 1.6 or 3.5 GPF options – that can be tailored to fit the water conservation needs of the individual user’s home or office space. 

Eljer toilets are also relatively easy to clean due to their skirted design, making them an ideal choice for private and commercial use.

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Where are Eljer Toilets Made?

Eljer toilets are a leading name in the home plumbing industry, with a well-deserved reputation for quality construction.

In addition, the company produces some of the most reliable, stylish, and practical bathroom fixtures on the market. 

These qualities have earned their products a strong following among homeowners, architects, and professional plumbers.

But, regarding where Eljer toilets are made, the answer is that today the company manufactures all its products right here in the United States, Ford city. 

This commitment to domestically sourced materials and components has enabled Eljer to ensure both quality manufacturing and customer satisfaction and supports American job creation in many communities across the country.

Is Eljer a Good Toilet?

Is Eljer a Good Toilet

If you are wondering if Eljer is a good toilet or not. So let me tell you that Eljer is one of the leading brands in choosing a good toilet, and for a good reason. Their toilets typically feature innovative designs meant to provide optimal performance while still being affordable for those with tighter budgets. 

Additionally, Eljer toilets are designed with enhanced strength porcelain – making them solid and durable.

Finally, replacement parts for Eljer toilets are easy to find, meaning you won’t have difficulty sourcing them if you ever need any repairs.

All in all, Eljer toilets deliver excellent value for your money.

Are Eljer and American Standard The Same?

If you’re sitting there asking yourself if Eljer and American Standard are the same, fret not – you’re far from alone.

These two manufacturers of toilets and other home fixtures have been around for decades, so it’s understandable why so many would assume they were the same. 

Indeed, both companies make long-lasting products emphasizing durability and comfort, but their designs and features ultimately vary significantly. 

Knowing the difference between the two can save homeowners a lot of time and hassle when shopping for new fixtures!

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How Do I Identify My Eljer Toilet Model?

Is Eljer a Good Toilet

If you need clarification on which Eljer model you have and also have to know how to know the model of your Eljer toilet, then worry not.

Identifying your Eljer toilet model can be tricky, but there are a few steps you can take to make it easier! 

If the original tank lid is available, the information regarding its model and serial number should be printed on the underside. You may also find this data near the flush lever hole. 

Once you have those details, head to Eljer’s website and use their search engine to identify your toilet model. 

If these options don’t yield results, you can call Eljer’s customer service line or pay a visit to your local home improvement store to speak with an expert about your toilet needs.

With some knowledge of your potential Eljer models, that specialist should be able to help you narrow down which one fits in your bathroom.

Did Eljer Go Out Of Business?

Eljer made its mark in the bathroom plumbing industry over a century ago. But the big question that comes to mind is, did Eljer go out of business? Well, the answer may surprise you. 

Despite facing many challenges throughout its history, Eljer is still alive and kicking today! Their reputation for quality products remains strong, and they offer various distinctive plumbing solutions built to last. 

From exquisite and practical bathtubs to stylish whirlpools, beautiful air baths and lavatories, as well as durably created faucets – Eljer has what you need when it comes to your bathroom.

So if you’re in the market for luxurious yet reliable pieces for your home, look no further than Eljer.

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Bottom Line

If you’re in the market for a new toilet, eljer toilets are worth considering. They’re durable, affordable, and come in various styles to suit any bathroom.

Plus, an eljer toilet can last for years with proper care and maintenance.

So if you’re looking for a high-quality toilet that won’t break the bank, eljer is an excellent option.


How old is an Eljer toilet?

If the Eljer toilet was manufactured right after the company’s founding in February 1904, it would be at least 119 years old as of April 2023.

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