Can You Flush Toilet Paper In South Korea?

I was researching on a recent trip to South Korea and ran into an excellent question: Can you flush toilet paper in South Korea?

Of course, I had no idea what the answer was, so I did some research. This is the ultimate guide for everything about flushing toilet paper in South Korea. I found that

You can’t flush toilet paper in South Korea. You may wonder why? Toilet paper cannot be flushed in South Korea for many reasons. Usually, it’s due to its unique plumbing infrastructure. 

It is simply because piped water is rare in more remote areas. Either way, there’s no need to worry about the legality or health concerns for using TP as a wiping tool if you’re traveling around South Korea.

Do Koreans Use Toilet Paper?

Can You Flush Toilet Paper In South Korea?

Koreans do use toilet paper. Korean toilets are equipped with a small dispenser that contains toilet paper.

You tear off a piece of the tissue and place it in the bowl before leaving. Then, after you’re done, take a wet sponge from a bucket of water and clean yourself off before putting on your pants.

Koreans do use toilet paper, but they also use other methods.

The most common way to clean your bum in Korea is with water and a hand towel. The water is stored in a separate faucet from the rest of the bathroom.

So it’s easy to avoid accidentally getting water on your hands or feet. The hand towel is used to dry your hands after you wash them, and then it’s used on your bum.

Another popular method is using wet toilet paper. Wet toilet paper—which comes in packets—isn’t wet when you buy it.

Instead, it’s folded up into a packet that keeps it wet until you need it. Then you unfold it, dry off with it, and throw it away when done!

Finally, there’s the infamous bidet. Bidets allow you to spray yourself with water from all angles, instead of just behind, after using the toilet. (or at least where I live).

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Do Koreans Flush Their Toilet Paper?

Can You Flush Toilet Paper In South Korea?

Koreans do not flush their toilet paper. Instead, they throw it in the trash. This is because Koreans believe that flushing toilet paper wastes water and money.

In Korea, one can also purchase unique white bags to dispose of wet wipes and other bathroom items that cannot be flushed or thrown in the trash.

Flushing toilet paper is not a big deal in Korea. They don’t care about it. Even if you flush your toilet paper, they will still be fine with it.

I have lived in Korea for several years and have never seen anyone flush their toilet paper or even care if someone else did.

In Korea, they don’t use toilet paper as much as we do in America. Instead, they use water because they don’t want to waste money. This is why they don’t flush the toilet paper when they use it.

While it’s a common belief that Koreans don’t flush their toilet paper, this is only sometimes the case.

While it’s true that many toilets in Korea do not have flushing mechanisms designed to handle toilet paper, some modern toilets in homes and public places have these mechanisms. The same goes for most Western-style hotels in Korea.

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You can also request a room with a Western-style Flush toilet if you want one. If you’re staying at a hotel or hostel with a Western-style toilet.

But still feel uncomfortable flushing your toilet paper, remember: you don’t have to! Plenty of other ways to dispose of your used toilet paper so you don’t waste water or risk clogging up the pipes.

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Can Flushing Toilet Paper Cause Problems For Korean Sewage Systems?

The Korean Sewage System is a very efficient and effective way to deal with the waste of millions of people.

It can handle many of the problems other systems have had in the past, such as clogs and overflow. However, there are some things you need to be aware of when using it.

One thing that can cause problems for the Korean Sewage System is flushing toilet paper. If you flush your toilet paper, it can cause problems for both people and animals around you. 

This is because when you flush your toilet paper, it will go through the system. Just like everything else does and end up at one point or another going into rivers or oceans where animals drink from them or get stuck in them, causing them harm or death.

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How to Use Korean Toilet

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As you can see, doing so is a breach of etiquette, though not without acceptable exceptions. Hopefully, this information will facilitate a smooth visit to South Korea in the future!


Is toilet paper expensive in Korea?

Toilet paper in Korea is not expensive compared to other countries. The price is similar to that in the United States and Europe.

What are Korean toilets called?

Traditional Korean toilets are called ondol toilets, which are typically made of ceramic and built into the floor.

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