How To Flush Korean Toilet – Detailed Guide Of 2023

With an increase in the number of people visiting Asia, especially South Korea, many have questions about how to use a Korean toilet.

So I have decided to write a simple guide on how to flush the Korean toilet to make your journey more stress-free and memorable. 

To flush a Korean toilet, you need to press the button on the side of it. The water will come from underneath, and you can flush it away. 

Well, this is the shortest answer how can you flush a Korean toilet? But instead of flushing, there are also many buttons in the toilet for flushing, which can confuse you.

And to remove this confusion, I have discussed the process in detail below. 

How Does Korean Toilet Work?

How Does Korean Toilet Works?

Korean toilet’s mechanisms are much like Japanese toilets flushing, except they have an extra button that allows you to spray the toilet with water.

Korean Toilet works like regular toilet but has a sensor that automatically flushes after you flush the toilet. The sensor detects when you are leaving the bathroom and flushes itself. 

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A Korean toilet is a water-saving, environmentally friendly device that uses much less water for flushing than most Western-style toilets. It also uses a unique flushing system that can help you conserve water and energy.

The toilet bowl is filled with water and drained into a separate tank beneath the floor. When it’s time to flush, the user presses a button or lever, which causes the tank to release its contents into the bowl.

But instead of using water pressure to push those contents through pipes and into a sewage system (as in traditional Western toilets), a small amount of air is introduced into the tank when drained.

That air helps break up waste so that it can be flushed more quickly out of your home—and it also means that you won’t have any trouble while flushing clogged pipes.

While some people might find these toilets less sanitary than their Western counterparts, they offer some advantages.

No more worrying about clogged pipes or overflowing toilets; less water used per flush; and much lower operational costs overall.

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How To Flush Korean Toilet | Pro Guide

How To Flush Korean Toilet

Flushing a Korean toilet is not as simple as flushing a Western toilet. Here’s how to do it:

There are two ways to flush the Korean toilet:

  • Press the button on your wall and watch as water flows into your bowl.
  • Press START again if you want the flushing cycle to continue, or STOP (this is self-explanatory) if you wish to halt it in mid-flush.

Step 1: Look for the flush button. It looks like a red or may be a green button on the wall and will sometimes be marked in English.

If you can’t find a button, look for a circular shape that resembles an eye. This is usually where you’ll find the flush lever in most toilets.

Check around to ensure there aren’t other buttons or levers close by that might also trigger flushing (like hand dryers).

Step 2: Press the flush button. If you have a 3-button toilet, press the middle one (marked with a circle) to flush correctly.

If you have a one or 2-button toilet with only two buttons, press either of them and make sure not to hold it down for too long when flushing.

Step 3: Press UP. Use this if you are peeing. The flush will only last for about 15 seconds and clean up any messy pee splatter from around the seat (and your butt!).

This is also a good option if you don’t want to waste water flushing down an entire tank of water for a small amount of waste.

Step 4: Press DOWN for your full body weight waste. This is not just number 2, though!

It would be best if you pressed DOWN when taking care of any more significant business in the bathroom, such as after cleaning yourself thoroughly or simply washing your hands.

Step 5: Repeat if necessary or stop if desired in the middle of the cycle.

You can stop the flushing cycle by pressing STOP (this is self-explanatory) or by pressing START again if your toilet has an automatic start/stop mechanism built in.

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How To Operate South Korean Toilet Control Panel | Something You Can Never Miss

How To flush korean toilet

The South Korean toilet control panel is a simple device that can operate many aspects of your toilet.

The most common use is to flush the toilet, but there are other useful functions: the heating seat, bum washer, and heat water. 

In this section, we’ll cover all these features and more.

The operating instructions for a South Korean toilet control panel are simple and easy to follow, but you should familiarize yourself with them before attempting to operate it.

1) Controls

The toilet control panel (TCP) is located on the wall and can be found at eye level. The controls are labeled in Korean and English, making them easier to use. In addition, they are also easy to clean, maintain, replace and repair.

2) Bum Washer

To operate the water control system, press the button on top of the panel. Water will flow and stop automatically when your hands are no longer in contact with it.

3) Heating Seat

The heating seat is a beautiful feature that warms your bottom while you sit. It can be used in winter, summer, spring, or autumn.

4) Heating Water

Before you can use the heated water, it must first be heated. The tank will heat the water to a maximum temperature of 40 degrees Celsius but can only hold so much at once.

Once the tank has reached its capacity (1,000 liters), it will stop allowing more hot water into it until some are used. 

To check on how much heating capacity remains in your toilet’s tank, look at the gauge above your bathing area (it seems like an old-fashioned water heater).

The amount of time required for your toilet to heat its supply depends on how full your reserve tank is and what heat you set for yourself at home—lower settings take longer than higher ones.

If you don’t want to wait around all day for your commode to warm up some lukewarm bathwater for you after a long day’s work or play outside in subzero temperatures (or both), several ways may help speed things along:

  • Turn down thermostat settings throughout the house beforehand so that less energy goes toward keeping the room temperature comfortable;
  • Set a timer on the furnace so as not to utilize more than necessary during peak hours when electric costs are highest.

5) Flushing

To flush the toilet, press the button once to activate a single flush or twice to activate two flushes in quick succession.

6) Flush Twice

The first time you flush a toilet, the tank’s lid opens. After it flushes, the lid closes, and a pump sucks up water from the tank to refill it.

Then the second button will start to blink again. Press it to open and close the lid again.

But do not press any other buttons until all this has happened, or you may get sprayed with water.

Precautions For Flushing Korean Toilets 

Flushing a Korean toilet is quite different from flushing normal toilets. The reason is that it has only one button and it’s hard to find.

If you follow the precautions below, you will be able to flush the Korean toilet successfully:

1) In Korean Toilets, There Is Only One Button To Flush Toilet

Flushing a Korean toilet is different from that of Western countries (you can also come to know How To Flush In Western Toilet In Our Guide).

In Korean toilets, there is only one button to flush the toilet. Also, the button is usually placed on the ground or under the seat. 

So it would be best to push it with your elbow or foot instead of your hands.

If you want to wash your hands before flushing, you should find this button, then wash your hands after flushing.

It Is Hard To Find The Button On Korean Toilet

The Korean toilet is a unique experience, especially if you are not used to it.

It can be challenging to figure out how the buttons on the wall work and when they will flush. Below are some tips on how to properly flush your Korean toilet:

  • First, look for any buttons that are red and round. These should be located somewhere on the wall near your toilet seat.
  • Next* if you find these buttons, look closer at them. Are they located on top of each other or beside each other? If so, try pressing both simultaneously (make sure they’re both pressed together). This action should cause water from the tanks behind your toilet seat to come down into it from above.

3) Don’t Flush Anything Except Toilet Paper

Do not flush anything other than toilet paper down the toilet, as this can cause clogs or other problems with your plumbing system.

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We hope this article has helped you understand the best way to flush Korean toilets. By following these steps and precautions, you can be sure that your next trip to Korea will be worry-free.


Where do you throw toilet paper after use in Korea?

It’s customary in Korea to throw your used toilet paper into the trash can located next to the toilet.

Do you flush toilet paper in Korea?

In South Korea, many buildings have older plumbing systems that simply can’t handle large amounts of toilet paper. Instead, the preferred method is to dispose of used toilet paper in a small bin located next to the toilet

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